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6 Most Acclaimed Men’s Underwear Brands in Pakistan (2022)

mens underwear brands in pakistan

Many people can forget the accessories when they go shopping. There is no doubt that people focus on outer clothing more than the inner ones. They think that their one particular focus should be only on the visible clothes. But this mindset is wrong on so many levels. Know that the innerwear like mens underwear and vests also has significance, and there are lots of reliable mens underwear brands in Pakistan that offer the best innerwear. People that ignore their innerwear are making the worst mistake. Your innerwear is the clothing item that will give you structure. Without innerwear, you cannot remain flexible in your clothing. Our innerwear is the one that keeps our hygiene in check.

Taking about undergarments in Pakistan is still taboo. Know that not all of us know about the significance of investing in the appropriate type of undergarments. You can find many brands of mens underwear in Pakistan, but it is better to narrow down your research. The first thing you need to know is the need for flexible underwear.

Skipping your underwear or not wearing it often can cause many problems. You need to wear and change your underwear daily. It will help keep your private parts dry and clean throughout the day. Besides, wearing underwear will help you get a sort of comfort. You cannot feel relaxed when you skip your undergarments.

There are many types of underwear that you can opt for with your dress. All kinds are different according to their design and manufacturing. There are some sorts of underwear appropriate for casual outfits, and some are better for doing sports activities. Now, it is up to you to choose which type you need to wear with your attire. The most common types of underwear are none other than briefs. Briefs are a more beneficial undergarment for bulky men. Briefs are also an ideal option for guys who are short in height.

The second option you have is boxers. Boxers are perfect for men who want maximum breathability for their private parts. It is ideal for people who want to wear them every day. The one notable thing about boxers is that they offer very little support.

Know that that is the reason boxers are a good option for sleepwear. The third suggestion is to go for boxer briefs. Boxer-briefs are a mixture of both products. They are not revealing and offer you maximum support.

The main thing you need to consider is where you can buy such undergarments. Know that it is crucial to invest in the best quality undergarments. The low-quality underwear can give you a rash or other problems. In Pakistan, many notable brands deal in men’s underwear. Below is the list of top brands that sells all kinds of men’s underwear. You can read the below list of our worthy suggestions. These will help you know from where you can find your needed underwear.

1. Mendeez:



The top brand on our list is none other than Mendeez. Mendeez is a Pakistani brand that deals in several night suits, undergarments, sweatshirts, beanies, jogger pants, and many more things. Their quality is top-notch, and they deliver your desired product at an affordable range. It would not be incorrect to call Mendeez the Calvin Klein of Pakistan. Their underwear comes in various sizes, colors, and styles. You have to visit them to get the fine quality of undergarments.

2. Jockey is also from the Best Mens Underwear Brands in Pakistan:

jokey men underwear


Jockey is a renowned brand of America, but we are blessed to have a Pakistani version of this brand. They deal in various attires and collections. In their undergarment collection, they have an excellent variety of vests, briefs, boxers, and other types of underwear. Jockey is a leading brand that has a worldwide range of all undergarments.

3. Hinz:

hinz men underwear

The third option we have on the list is Hinz. I doubt that anyone who is not aware of the brand Hinz. Hinz deals in quality undergarments and top-rated underwear.

4. Losha:

losha mens underwear

Losha is also a premium brand. It has a limitless variety of undergarments for men and women. You can also visit their outlet in Lahore.

5. Uniworth:

uniworth men underwear

Uniworth is a quality brand that deals in a range of men’s formal and casual clothing, accessories, activewear, and many undergarments. Uniworth is an excellent brand that sells many versatile items.

6. elo:

elo underwear


Know that elo is ordinary, but they do not compromise on their quality. You can get many boxers, briefs, shorts, trunks, boxer shorts, and other undergarments. You can get many undergarments of styles in an affordable price range, and you do not have to compromise on their quality.