5 Admirable Fashion Designers in Pakistan of the Year 2022

fashion designers in pakistan

Fashion is not a new term in the modern world. For centuries, people have had various cultures and fashion trends that are continuously reviving over the years. In 2022, fashion designers in Pakistan from the lucrative industry that sets trends and let people represent their personality in a more effective way. The people’s interest in the fashion industry let the top fashion brands in Pakistan thrive and bring better results than embracing modern culture.

As it is said, a man is nothing without his clothes; therefore, to represent yourself in an event, you must need to dress well. From top to bottom, you need to ensure that you wear the attire that boosts your personality. Here, the biggest contribution is of fashion designers that come up with designs that complement your personality.

Therefore, it is crucial to know and follow the top fashion designers in Pakistan. Today’s blog shares the top fashion designers in Pakistan of the year 2022. So let’s get started.

Fashion Designers in Pakistan of the Year 2022:

You are known by the clothes you wear. Whether you are a business owner, employee, or freelancer, if you don’t wear trendy clothes, you may get ignored by most people. Even in today’s Pakistani environment, your biggest flex is your clothes. The youth is getting obsessed with new and trendy clothes that bring personal satisfaction, confidence and let them feel empowered.

Regardless of your gender, you need to come out with the most fashionable outfit that glows your personality. But who are the top fashion designers in Pakistan for the year 2022? Let’s discover below.

1.   HSY

HSY is a renowned brand and the biggest personality in the fashion industry of Pakistan. Hassan Shehyar Yasin built up his own HSY brand and launched new luxurious yet comfortable outfits for males. His outfits are worn in wedding ceremonies, functions, and even in the media industry. Most of the dramas produce in Pakistan prefers HSY clothing to present their hero’s and main character.

Even in TVCs, the luxurious clothing you see is, most of the time, from the HSY brand. With an award achieving volume in the Pakistani industry, HSY is known for its impeccable fashion shows.

2.   Deepak Parwani

When it comes to knowing the best fashion designers in Pakistan in the year 2022, you cannot miss Deepak Parwani. He is a Sikh Hindu citizen of Pakistan that came forward by opening his own luxurious brand. Recently he was nominated for hum style awards for his luxury bridal couture. Deepak Parwani makes the most in-trend clothes and is a respectable personality in the fashion industry of Pakistan.

3.   Noman Ansari

A young enthusiast, and a passionate star fashion designer, Noman Ansari, is famous for introducing a mixture of western and eastern wears in the Pakistani fashion designing industry. He makes remarkable outfits that he personally admires and gets valued by star actors. He carries a most charming personality and sets trends throughout the year. To get the most comfortable, luxurious, yet modern outfits, you must need to visit Noman Ansari’s outlet.

4.   Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain, a famous actor, model, and perfectionist in being a makeup artist, steps forward in the fashion industry by introducing her own brand. After working for years in the media industry, Nadia Hussain becomes capable of designing clothes for women that give a cultural, modern touch. She currently owns her own salon, makeup cosmetics, and fashion outlets. Even in top high-class weddings, women wear Nadia Hussain outfits.

5.   Sania Maskatiya

One of the most famous fashion designers in Pakistan of the year 2022 is Sania Maskatiya. She is a well-known respectable personality that introduces luxury press and party wears in Pakistan. Being a talented fashion designer, Sania focuses on designing clothes for the people who love to dine out, prefer parties and events. Moreover, she also captures the bridal market by introducing a wide range of clothing options for bridal dresses. Although they are highly expensive, each penny is worth it.